Ganesh Security Services
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Recruitment Procedures

We are having recruitment centers all over Tamilnadu. We advertise in vernaculars, we check the physical appearance and then we go by the education background. We do a credibility checking by investigating with the concerned department. We also do address verification. All their 10 fingerprints along with 3 photographs are taken, educational certificates are verified, their references are checked. All the above information's are entered in our computerized database.


Men enlisted as above are subjected to a training process into which the candidates are streamlined to develop a morality of security conscious which is divided into different levels such as basic physical drills, class room lectures on theory and practices of Industrial Security & Intelligence, Fire fighting, First Aid and related emergency handling aspects. Extensive use of video and audio programme replaying the rehearsal of actual scenes affecting the security deterrent measures followed in different industries of our clients, ensure the trainees what to expect in an industry as a security personnel and what they have to do in real situation. Thus the men after developing sense of security conscious are put into on the job training. This training program is conducted for two weeks and the same is imparted by veteran professionals and leaders in their job.


All our security personnel are trained in the positive and constructive discipline, which corrects, moulds, or strengthens their interests in understanding their duty properly. We also make sure that all our security personnel are dressed as per our uniform code and strict discipline action will be taken against any assignment errors.

Surprise Inspection and Quality Control

We conduct surprise visits during nights and during holidays in disguise, to ensure the security personnel are vigilant, Whether the systems like the registers, log book are maintained in order, whether or not the security personnel are in their specified uniform with their ID CARDS properly displayed, whether or not they are well groomed and mannered, whether or not continuation of shifts is maintained in accordance, both through routine and in surprise visits all around the clock. They also verify whether the indoctrination is followed. To improve the quality further, our quality control department's special officers will inspect the site random and report back to our General Manager directly. We also weed out bad performers.

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